Less fail, more learning experience

The running has not gone nearly as well as planned.  Between heat, weddings, travel, and repeated foot problems I’ve been sticking to walking, with a bit of biking thrown in as needed.  I did well for a few weeks, but lost momentum around Janette’s wedding.  I don’t know why, it’s not like I have anything else to do at 5 am, but I skipped a few days, slept in and blamed my schedule.  Then I banged up my toe.  The weather got hot and I said screw this I’m not running when it’s 85 at 5 am.  Banged up my toe again, then wore out my shoes (I have been walking all this time, and shoes have a tendency to wear out after five or six hundred miles) and haven’t been able to replace them.  I’ve been using a different pair, but they don’t fit well and tend to cause blisters if I run.  Last weekend I did something to my Achilles tendon and limped about for a few days going crazy before hopping on my bike, which brings us up to date.  So…still walking, doing my afternoon workout, and this week biking while my tendon finishes healing.  I’ll get back to running, probably this fall when it cools off.  🙂 

Miriam and Kat are still themselves (who else would they be?)  Ryan and I were joking on the way home from picking up our CSA goods that Miriam was razor sharp and Kat was Charmin soft when it came to focus.  Just at that moment he happened to glance into the back seat to find Katie holding her fists to her face, hair clutched in each hand, squashing her cheeks and humming some song under her breath.  When asked what she was doing her reply was that she just wanted some ponytails.  All of this after Miriam came up with plans to lure a rabbit into her vicinity with corn kernels and bushes while we were at the park.  (it didn’t work, but it was rather amazingly complex).  Kat’s still our funny girl, and Miriam is still our little engineer. 



Huff, huff

Holy crap am I in sad shape.  I’m learning just how much I slacked off this winter, and let me tell you, the results aren’t pretty.  In addition to the (slight) expansion of my tummy and butt, I have lost a ton of aerobic endurance, and the 90 second runs today let me know just how far I’ve got to go.  I’m going to keep running over vacation, but I’m going to repeat this second week so I don’t get through week three on the ND flat lands and have to attempt a 5 minute run on my Iowa hills.   I have my RoadID, but I’d rather not have to use it because my lungs exploded out on Glass Rd. 


Rain is God’s way of saying take the day off

It’s long been my theory that if I wake up and it’s raining I should go back to bed.  I didn’t actually go back to bed today, but I did get some work done and caught up with Facebook picture posting.  By the time it quit raining it was 75 and humid and I decided I could run Tues/Thurs/Sat this week.  Given that I’ll be traveling to ND Friday with two little girls and no husband to watch them during my run (thereby negating the opportunity to do so until I reach my destination), it actually works out better for scheduling.  I’m looking forward to a week of flat runs.  The hills around here haven’t gotten any smaller over the winter, and I still sound like an asthmatic steam engine when I try to run up them.   I did do all my runs last week, and should get all this weeks in without too much trouble.  😀 


Miriam graduated preschool.  It was cute, and she had a ton of fun at the school picnic the following day.  Hopefully she can find another sweet pack of kids to run with at kindergarten this fall.  Given that she’s a sweet, smart, logical, enthusiastic, and gutsy child I have no doubt she’ll do fine.  Kat has already told us she’s going to cry when she goes to preschool.  A bit of a drama queen that one. 



Crazy little sister, composed elder child.

Crazy little sister, composed elder child.

I said smile, this is what I got.

Day one. :)

Day one is down and done with.  I did all of the running bits (I think it comes out to a whopping 8 minutes total), walked my way home and followed up with a half hour of yoga to make sure I don’t stiffen up and ache tomorrow. 

In all fairness I expect the first couple weeks to be fairly easy.  Not simple by any means, but also not terribly challenging.  I’ve been walking 5 miles most mornings at a 4+ MPH pace, and doing my 20 minute workout video in the afternoon.  It’s once I have to start using some endurance that things will get tough.  It’s more reconditioning my food that will kick my butt.  I’ve let way too much sugar into my diet, which triggers the vertigo, which makes me tired, which causes me to crave fast energy which causes an intake of sugar…start cycle over.  So I’ll also be trying to cut back on the refined crap and start cooking healthy again as well. 

Enough of that.  What’s new?  The girls are growing like little sprouts.  Miriam is about to graduate from preschool.  Summer trips are being planned, as are summer visitors.  Katie is tugging at my arm saying she’s cold and wants a snack, and I am already running late on today’s errands.  😛  Whee, off into the crazy I go. 

Starting Fresh

I haven’t been on here in so long I had forgotten my password.  It took 3 tries to log in, and two attempts to get the proper upper/lower case combination.  Sad. 

The reason I’ve decided to start again is the hope that it will keep me honest with myself about running.  Last fall I started the C25K program with Mrs. Laura and Kathleen via Facebook.  It started off strong, and then for various reasons we all either slowed down, got off track and in the end dropped running completely.  The weather killed my running, or that’s the excuse I used, and I’ve decided it’s time to try again, but without some sort of check in I’m fairly certain I’ll slack off and tell myself I can always catch up tomorrow.  Only, we all know that tomorrow becomes the next day, and the day after that and so on until one has to admit failure.  I don’t want to fail.  I might take more than the scheduled time, and I’m ok with it. There may be setbacks.  Given that it’s the start of Iowa’s summer and it looks to be hotter than normal there may be days it simply isn’t healthy for me to run.  I’m prepared for that as well.  What I want is commitment from myself to push through and do more than I did last time.  I made it all the way to week 6 day 3 before I quit last time.  This time, I want to finish.  And I’m hoping for cool mornings.  🙂  None of these silly 80 degree 5 A.M. wake up calls we had last year.  😛  Yuck.

More or Less

I exist. I swear I do, it’s just that it is October, and in October my existence is usually not here. Here being on line, or at home, or with my family and friends. I don’t know where I am in October, but I know it isn’t where i normally am. This year a lot of it involves the final year of the haunted house, “running” (I’ve upgraded the walking to very slow jogging), church and Bible studies, reading potential books, and now running Miriam to and from preschool multiple days a week. There is no sleep, there is very little down time, and while I’m a little stressed, if I were to be perfectly honest with myself I kind of like it.

Books, sidewalks, signs and a menu

The above mentioned items are what Miriam and I have been reading lately. Miriam’s been on the edge of figuring out the whole reading thing for a while, but every time I would try to sit down with her she would become frustrated and I’d stop, rather than drive her away. About three weeks ago, she suddenly became very obsessed with letter sounds. Since she had just gone to Sylvan’s pre-reading camp I didn’t think anything much about it (in fact, I was trying to drown it out due to the excessive prattling about what letter makes which sound, and what is, and is not, a compound word). Two and a half weeks ago she started asking us to help her spell things out, and started reading basic three letter words; hat, cat, cup, sun, etc. 🙂 Hooray! She also started trying to read books on her own, though that didn’t go quite as smoothly.
This week she’s up to 4 letter words and working on short vowel sounds and silent E’s. Next week I’m afraid she might start in on Harry Potter. 😉
At Beaver park there is a sidewalk that has action words on it, and while I was taking care of Kat I heard Miriam muttering something, “C-kuh, kuh, kuh. L-luh, luh, luh, Ape…CLAP!” (yup, she actually said Ape right before she figured it all out) That’s the way it’s been going. Sometime she has to sound everything out, other times all she needs to do is say the letters, “S, A, M…Sam,” but I think she’s figured it out. Now I need to find a fun, super easy book. I think I’m going to find it, and then take her to the book store so she can buy her very own first reading book. I am so excited and proud of her. 🙂

I love M&M’s

I love M&M’s. I love beer. I love the salty crunch of potato chips, and the gooey bliss that is bacon cheese fries. I hate being dizzy. I hate avoiding all of the yummy aforementioned foods in an attempt to prevent terminal vertigo. I hate that I fail in not eating these things 70-80 percent of the time. Most of all, I hate, hate, hate being so tired that all I can think of on this beautiful morning is how wonderful it would be to sit on the couch and doze while my girls watch TV, even though they’re begging to go outside.
What am I going to do? Strike a compromise with life. I’m going to take them to playgroup, where they can play with other kids while I (mostly) sit and watch in the hopes that I can feel better in time for lunch at the park and a visit to the tiny little zoo afterward. Then I’m going to kick my own ass with a Jillian workout and fall asleep on the couch until Kat wakes up from her nap. So take that nasty little vertigo problem. I’m going to kick your ass, and make you beg for submission. Or, I’m going to fall over and bruise my pride. Either way, someone is going down. 🙂


I went to my first yoga class Sunday. I’ve been doing it here at the house via DVD for a number of years, but a friend was taking a class his friend was teaching and I decided to give it a try. I think I’m already addicted, and am looking forward to next Sunday to give it another go. I enjoy my videos, but there is something more energizing about being in a group of people. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to go for a full hour and a half here at home, but it wasn’t so hard in a group. I lost my balance a lot, and I certainly couldn’t do everything, but I had fun.
The nice thing is that this is a fairly relaxed class, not at all the type of thing I was expecting, but all the better for it.

I have been getting tons of one on one time with Kathryn. Miriam was at Sylvan last week for reading camp so Kat and I spent every morning together at the park, sweating out the heat and playing on the slides. It was really nice, and I had forgotten how much fun going to the park with a 2 year old could be. She’s old enough to play on everything, but not so old that I get funny looks following her around and playing along side. She enjoyed the full attention, and found it absolutely hilarious when I cracked my head on a low bit of equipment. Personally, I think she just likes learning swear words.

Digging dirt

Going up! (the edge of the opening is what caught my head)

At Beaver Park



Miriam also got a day at the park, and while she is old enough that we do get odd looks playing together on the equipment, we were having tons of fun together, which is far more important than the funny looks all the other parents were giving me. It had rained the night and morning before, so we built a sandcastle together at Thomas park. She was so proud of it, and I hope we have the chance to do it again soon.

I have no pictures from the park, but here is part of our It’s too hot to go outside craft day.

I have finished reading The 100 Thing Challenge, and while I am certainly not going to be giving up all of my worldly possessions, it has made me stop and think about the reasons I buy certain items. The slutty little tank top up in my closet comes to mind, along with the myriad of lotions that will never be more than 1/2 used. I’m hoping it sticks with me, and I continue to avoid making purchases I don’t really need in the search of something that doesn’t really exist.
Along those lines, I’ve started reading This Life Is In Your Hands: one dream, sixty acres, and a family undone. It’s very well written, and while I’m only 30 pages in, it shows great promise. To satisfy my silly side I also checked out a Mercedes Lackey 500 Kingdoms novel. I like silly fantasy and The Sleeping Beauty gave me my fix.

I nearly forgot the pet cabbages! We signed up for the crop share again, which means once a week we go to Mt. Vernon and pick up our share of veggies. Last week, because of the heat I wasn’t feeling well enough to focus on violin lesson so I went out to the farm with Legge and the girls. We got there late, and were one of the last people they were expecting that night, so it was quite, with just one other family hanging around. The little girl was sad because most of the kittens that had been around at the start of the season had been adopted, and she couldn’t take the remaining one home. The woman who runs the CSA has an odd sense of humor, and grabbed one of the tiny cabbages that had been harvested that week and handed it to the little girl. She said, here have a pet cabbage. Show it to all your friends. They have pet rocks, and you’ll have the only pet cabbage. Everyone will be jealous. Then she handed one to Miriam and one to Kat and told them they could have pet cabbages as well. She got very strange looks from all three girls. Here are Miriam and Kat’s pet cabbages. They were small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.


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